Investment Strategies

We are active managers of our portfolio but not traders. Each investment is done with a 10-year time horizon.

Timely Opportunity

We are optimistic about the long-term growth prospects of emerging markets but too few investors have exposure to Jamaica and other Caribbean countries.

The combination of a rising consumer class, ongoing structural and economic reforms, and a number of well-run businesses in the region provide attractive opportunities as these economies transition from low-value-added, labor-intensive manufacturing and extractive industry economies to ones more built on services, technology, entrepreneurship and consumerism.


Our team strongly believes in holding for the long-term and do not seek to sell shares on a regular basis. Management of the companies we buy into can be comfortable that we are focused on being positive catalysts for unlocking growth. We are active managers of our portfolio but not traders. Each investment is done with a 10-year time horizon.


Our portfolio is diversified based on industries and countries but our holdings are limited to a few companies with management that we know, trust and have some influence over. We strongly believe in having a small portfolio of fewer than 30 holdings, actively supporting those firms and watching them very closely. We focus on investing in industries that we understand and focus on playing the long game.

Caribbean Equity Portfolio

We are actively building an equity portfolio of ownership stakes in public and private companies based in the Caribbean and with heavy exposure to the Caribbean. We are long-term investors with a focus on absolute return and intend to make ourselves available to management as they seek to grow the businesses.

Blue Mahoe
Impact Fund

The Blue Mahoe Impact Fund is a traditional GP/LP fund for investors who are interested in triple bottom line investing in the United States and across the Caribbean region.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals guide our areas of focus and projects are vetted for social impact, not only financial returns. Management teams are screened and have frequent contact with the fund managers and operating partners in order to help them scale and access new markets.

Primary areas of interest include Climate Resilience, Access to finance, Affordable Housing and Agriculture.

Strategic Partners

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