What We Do

We are focused on widespread ownership of assets by a wide range of retail investors.

Real Estate

Blue Mahoe Capital is committed to tackling the affordable housing crisis.

Our first project is 700 houses in Old Harbour, Jamaica and our team intends to expand to Barbados, The Bahamas and Guyana.

Private Credit

The companies of tomorrow need patient capital today and we can provide it to them while opening additional doors to help these companies scale responsibly.

Agriculture, Financial Services, Logistics, Entertainment and Apparel are some areas that we have already supported through Blue Mahoe Finance.

Asset Management

Fresh thinking uncovers opportunities and the Caribbean is full of overlooked opportunities. Our team is uniquely positioned to unlock access to opportunities in the Caribbean and also for Caribbean-based investors.

Our managed funds invest in Real Estate and Public Equity with a bottom up approach to preserving capital while generating a reasonable risk-adjusted absolute return for our investors.

Our core job is to make our investors wealthy while doing good for society.

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