The Firm

Blue Mahoe Capital is a dedicated impact investment firm, partnering with investors to drive positive social and economic change in the dynamic markets of the Caribbean. We connect investors with impactful businesses that are shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future for the region.


Vertical condo built with sustainable features


Selective with our investments and focused on the long-term best describes our approach. We focus on building deep relationships where we add value, not just capital. We are not looking for quick exits and invest with a minimum 10-year horizon.

Management teams that understand that Rome was not built in a day and that managing cash flow is the most critical function in a business are our friends. We focus on growing companies sustainably and assuming that it will never raise venture capital so planning for profitability is paramount.


Entrepreneurs and management are our partners so we do not try to get a leg up on them when negotiating deal terms. We are transparent and honest in how we conduct our business. A good deal is one where no party feels that they were tricked or gave up too much to get a deal done. Under-promise and over-deliver but be honest about failures and the lessons gained.


Most people misunderstand what “survival of the fittest” means. The world requires you to innovate or die and this applies to business as well. We only invest in companies that have innovation built into their DNA. Be willing to kill your sacred cow before a competitor does, constantly iterate and test, then apply the lessons.

Many strong companies have failed and even the smartest people lose money. The survivors are the ones who know that they must pivot and then try to figure out how to do so.


Our experience as entrepreneurs and investors gives us a high tolerance for failure and an appreciation for risk. We take the long-term view and know that it is wiser to bet on the jockey than the horse so the people we invest in are more important than any one idea they are pursuing at that time.

Seasoned entrepreneurs know that failure is inevitable at some stage and it is the lessons that increase your chances of success with each next move. Failure has not stopped us, only reduced the risk going forward.


Driven by the belief that innovation is critical, our team strives for excellence as an attitude in all we do. We foster a culture of honesty and transparency while supporting entrepreneurs to make a positive impact.

Our Mission

Provide investors exposure to quality, socially responsible companies.

Our Vision

Create the most recognizable investment firm for minority wealth creation and wealth preservation.


David Mullings, MBA

Chairman and CEO

Robert Mullings

Jason Francis

Assistant Vice President, Investment Operations

Kevin Burrows, CFA CAIA

Chief Investment Officer

Tanya Peralto

Investor Relations Consultant – Retail

Danielle Lee-Ziadie

Corporate Controller


David Mullings

Robert Mullings

Robert Libertini

Jay Madan

Khristina Surgeon


Michael Lee-Chin

Robert Libertini, MSF

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