Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund: A Game Changer for the Caribbean

The following is an interview with Aurelia Crews, COO Blue Mahoe Capital and Director of the Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund. She shares insights on what this Fund means for the Caribbean and why it’s important to get involved.

This interview will shed more light on how important such a Fund is to the region and why it’s a game changer for SMES and it’s transformative vision for greater opportunities.

What is the purpose of the Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund? Describe elements of the fund.

The Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund is a public charity that supports Blue Mahoe Capital’s mission of investing in socially and environmentally impactful endeavors in the Caribbean Basin, while ensuring good governance. The Fund deploys capital to impactful companies that are based in or can benefit the Caribbean Region and to impact funds that serve the region.

Caribbean diaspora now also have a meaningful, tax-deductible way to improve lives in their homeland.

What is your vision for the fund?

I see the Fund creating a significant, sustainable, positive transformation for the Caribbean region and beyond. The Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund can bring more awareness to the overlooked business opportunities in the Caribbean beyond tourism and real estate. The Fund demonstrates an additional way for nonprofits to improve economies and overcome challenges, similar to the great work that Darryl Finkton is doing with his fund to address global poverty.

How do you see the Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund impacting the Caribbean region?

  • Through our investments from the Fund, we aim to impact:
  • The creation of jobs in various sectors
  • The global efforts to mitigate the effects of climate change
  • Access to lower interest rate capital
  • Retention and development of talent and expertise in the region
  • Improvements in food security
  • The creation of additional opportunities for exporting

What areas of the Caribbean Basin will the fund specifically be working in?

All areas from a geographic perspective. We will invest in socially and environmentally impactful companies that can deliver measurable results benefiting the region. Agritech, sustainable energy, fintech, and digital transformation companies will be some of our industries of focus.

What does becoming Director for the Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund mean to you?

I have always had a dream of combining my personal and professional visions and missions.

The Caribbean Basin Endowment Fund accomplishes this dream.

I am very honored to be the Executive Director, especially being non-Caribbean. I feel that it is important to go beyond the “resort distort” that many Americans have of the region. Often, we only see poverty outside of the resorts. We go for “sun and fun” and often don’t consider that there are attractive and profitable multinational, investable companies that are in the region.

With the Fund, my goal is to build partnerships that can ultimately help change the distorted perception of our neighboring region.

How do people who want to support the Fund participate?

We accept cash contributions from individuals and companies; grants and distributions from donor-advised funds, foundations, and charitable trusts; and anything with established or appraised value, including: real estate, stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, privately held business interests, fund manager carried interests, and collectible art.

We are also always open to learning about investment opportunities.

Those interested can go to for more information or contact

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